Yearbook Due Dates!

  • October - 5% Off on Yearbook Orders
  • November 1 - Yearbook Seniors Photos & Quotes Due
  • May 1 - Yearbook Orders Due

Yearbook Jobs

Responsible for the layout of underclassmen candids, sports, and clubs, as well as getting ads for the yearbook from local businesses.

Senior Staff
Responsible for all of the above as well as the senior pages, dedication, and senior parent ads, and senior candid pages.

Responsible for taking photographs at school-wide events. You will sign up for specific school-wide events and be responsible for taking photographs of those events as well as uploading those photographs.

Responsible for the ‘big picture' of the book, as well as the ‘fine print’

Coverage Editor
Responsible for tagging photos and seeing who is included in the book

Business Manager
Spearheads ad sales and helps with book sales.