Career and Workforce Development

Milton High School is excited to be offering a variety of courses and work based learning opportunities to our high school students! Fostering student career development benefits students, their community, society, and the economy.  We are here to help students to identify career options and how they, as a unique individual, fit into the larger community.  We are here to help students realize that the job market is ever-changing and that we are trying to prepare them for careers and jobs that have not even been created yet!  Having a vision for their future increase student success and graduation rates.

Our mission is to help every high school student conclude their public education with a clear career plan and inform them of various education and training options they can take to obtain it.

Soft Skills:  Soft skills are intangible but important qualities that enable a person to work and interact with the people around them effectively. The soft skills that are most frequently requested by employers and focused on in our program are:  attendance and punctuality, hygiene and professional appearance, accepting directions and feedback, motivation and initiative, culture and safety, speaking, listening, and interacting with others.

Be on the lookout for our: MHS Opportunity Fair and various Career Expos Opportunities

Please refer to Program of Studies for course options.

Contact Information:

Christina Reider

Employment Specialist/Work Based Learning Coordinator

[email protected]

Office (802) 893-5396

Cell (802) 559-0519

Deb LaCross

Job Coach and Job Developer

[email protected]

Cell (802) 324-1911

Program Forms:


Transportation Permission Slip : Provides Milton Town School District permission to transport students to work based learning experiences.

VocRehab Permission Form : Provides permission for the Vermont VocRehab High School Counselor to work with student.

MHS Training Agreement : Example of MHS work based learning agreement.

MHS Training Evaluation : Example of MHS work based learning evaluation.

Resources for Students and Parents:

Resource Description:


Career One Stop: a website for career exploration, training and jobs which is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor

My Next Move: a website that searches careers by keywords or by industry. It can suggest careers that match student interests and training.

VocRehab: State of Vermont website that helps provide career development services and supports to students with a plan (IEP, 504 Plan, or MTSS Plan).

Connection with Vermont Family Network: a Vermont website that provides resources on the following topics; Advocacy and Leadership, Disabilities or Special Health Needs, Early Childhood Development, General and Special Education, Health Care Access, Mental Health, Transition to Adulthood

Vermont Department of Labor: a website that provides resources and information on the following topics; Unemployment claims, finding a job, workplace rights, injured while at work, VOSHA requirements, employer online services.

Resource Career Start: a program for high school students with individualized education plans (IEPs). Students maintain a regular work shift during the school day in one of ReSOURCE’s departments at our Burlington or Williston locations.

Vermont Judiciary; Guardianship Information: a Vermont website that outlines the three major types of guardianship, duties and responsibilities, its limitations, and how to file for guardianship.