Vision of a Graduate

At Milton High School we believe the Milton Graduate is...
Vision of a Graduate - Thinker


  • Practices inquiry and designs solutions to overcome obstacles and improve outcomes.
  • Demonstrates open-ended thought to enhance the design/build process.
  • Takes intellectual risks and is resilient to setbacks.
  • Creates new ideas and actions that have value and meaning.
  • Uses information in new or creative ways to strengthen comprehension and deepen awareness.
Vision of a Graduate - Problem Solver

Problem Solver

  • Works inclusively and interdependently to promote learning, increase productivity and achieve common goals.
  • Seeks and uses feedback to adapt ideas and implement decisions.
  • Respects divergent thinking and engages others in thoughtful discussion.
  • Persists in accomplishing difficult tasks in collaboration with others.
  • Uses interpersonal skills to build positive relationships with peers and adults.
Vision of a Graduate - Flexible Learner

Flexible Learner

  • Sets and achieves goals and perseveres through difficult tasks to be self-directed.
  • Engages in a variety of learning experiences which cultivates curiosity, interests, aptitudes and talents.  
  • Pursues knowledge through the use of critical literacy skills, including digital citizenship, media literacy, and cultural literacy. 
  • Understands concepts and is able to transfer knowledge to multiple settings
Vision of a Graduate - Citizen


  • Develops cultural awareness--the recognition that our world is increasingly complex.
  • Empathizes with multiple perspectives to better understand their interdependence with their global community. 
  • Seeks out, acknowledges, and challenges systematic inequalities. 
  • Understands and exercises their rights and responsibilities within a democratic society.
  • Creates a safe, inclusive, and affirming community for all stakeholders.
Vision of a Graduate - Advocate


  • Reflects on continuous self-improvement and self-advocacy.
  • Acknowledges, understands, and contributes to solutions that benefit the community on a local, national and global level.
  • Lives and promotes physical, social, and mental health.
  • Develops relevant strategies and takes action to achieve post-secondary goals.