Innovation Center

Our Mission

Creating a flexible, hands-on space for students to explorecreate, and innovate their passions into a career path with the collaboration and mentorship of educators and community professionals

Milton Innovation Center Updates                    

2/2023 Update
Our partners at TruexCullins are working with faculty and students to design the MIC of tomorrow. Our next steps include changes to the layout and functionality of the space to incorporate an unclean space for wood and metalworking.
1/26/2022 Update
  • The superintendent and principles approved funding for a second position to work in the Milton Innovation Center with Christian Reider and are currently writing a job description to advertise in the spring.
  • Supplies to build half-wall studio spaces have been ordered and delivered. Some students will be volunteering their time and skills to help build these studio spaces to be used by local professionals mentoring students in our school. 
  • The MIC and The Milton Artist Guild are collaborating to create a mentorship agreement and contract.
  • The Personalized Learning Community of Art and Media teachers collaborated and are drafting a schedule so that all 9th graders will be able to have access to the Innovation Center. 
  • During the full team meeting on January 5th we welcomed some community members for a live and virtual tour regarding MIC space and vision for equipment. 


The curriculum continues to evolve as we add equipment and capacity to the MIC. It has been designed to incorporate student training in 3D printing and 2D laser cutting. Students started the year with the software where they practiced 3D design. Teachers had students design 3d models of houses which were then printed with plastic. Students then revised their designs and created prototypes on the 2D laser cutter. 
Once students are familiar with the tools and process, they begin their own projects and design products to be produced. They’ll also develop a business plan for their product.

Our Vision and the Value We Bring

In nurturing the real-world experiences through hands-on flexible learning in our public schools, we will empower students to be young, creative, and energetic individuals that produce local talent for the local & global economy. Provide employers with access to local labor with the skill sets needed to be productive and successful employees. This includes economic development.
Community and Business Partners
Michael Metz (The Generator), Lindsey Halman & Sarah Popowicz (Up for Learning), Michelle LaFrancis (Spaulding High School), Lou Mossey (Milton Economic Development Counsel), Don Turner (Town Manager), Lisa Rees (Community member), Artist Guild, Vermont SportsCar, Husky,