Innovation Center

Our Vision

In nurturing the real-world experiences through hands-on flexible learning in our public schools, we will empower students to be young, creative, and energetic individuals that produce local talent for the local & global economy.

The Value We Bring

Provide employers with access to local labor with the skill sets needed to be productive and successful employees.
This includes economic development.

Our Team


Tess Follensbee
Charlie Griffen
Brody Hammond
Colbie Miller
Otis Hecker
Willa Wright
Baylee Rock
Samantha Morin-Sourdiff
Mira Filion
Kira Jennings

Faculty & Administration

MaryJane Stinson
Amy Rex
Christina Reider
Ryan Bushey
Ben Sevey
Mark Lesh
Pete Wyndorf
Michael Abbott
Wilmer Chavarria
Erik Johnson

Community and Business Partners

Michael Metz (The Generator), Lindsey Halman & Sarah Popowicz (Up for Learning), Michelle LaFrancis (Spaulding High School), Lou Mossey Milton Economic Development Counsel), Don Turner (Town Manager?), Lisa Rees (Community member), Artist Guild, Vermont SportsCar, Husky, 
Innovation Center Logo

Our Mission

Creating a flexible, hands-on space for students to explorecreate, and innovate their passions into a career path with the collaboration and mentorship of educators and community professionals.

The Timeline

Phase 2: Design
Oct '21 - Dec '21
Phase 3: Pilot
Jan '22 - Jul '22
Phase 4: Full Implementation
August 2022