Subjects Taught
Social Studies
Bachelor from UVM in Secondary Education and Master from Union Institute and University in Education
Hobbies / Interests
Football, fitness, traveling, golf and following around my kids around to all of their sporting events.
A Little About Myself
I grew up in Essex and graduated in 2002 before attending UVM. My Milton career started in 2006 and I have been here ever since. I played semi-pro football for the Vermont Ice Storm for seven years between 2002 and 2010. Now that my playing days are over, I coach (or have coached) three different varsity sports, including football, wrestling and tennis. I live in South Burlington with my family of six (nine if you count the pets). Most of my free time is spent in hockey rinks, gymnasiums, or on soccer fields as three of my four kids are highly active in sports and other activities. If I had more free time, I'd spend my days in a warmer climate near the ocean or at the very least where a higher percentage of New York Giants fans live!