Lindsey Reynolds

Subjects Taught/Position
English 9 and Advanced-Placement English Language and Composition
I graduated from the University of Vermont as an English Major and History Minor. I then enrolled in a Graduate Program to earn my Masters of Arts in Teaching. I completed my teaching internship at U32 in Montpelier and then came to Milton High School in 2009.
My family loves the water. (I should specify that we love lakes and rivers. Pond water and mushy bottoms aren't my favorite thing.) We're big swimmers, and bigger sailors. We've got quite the collection of found-on-the-side-of-the-road boats that are a little worse-for-wear but still absolutely float.
A little about me.
I come from a close and loving farm family. (My folks raise organic grass-fed beef and have a pretty good-sized sugaring operation in the Northeast Kingdom.) Now, I live in Waltham (a little town right next to Vergennes). We have two kids, Tillie and Arlo, and a yard full of half-finished projects.