Charity Renning

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Mathematics and Special Education
BS in Secondary Education with endorsements in Mathematics and Special Education from the University of Vermont. I have been a special educator for 6 years.
I enjoy hiking, reading, spending time with my family, watching movies, and making art.
A little about me.
I live in Franklin County, Vermont with my husband and our Golden Retrievers, Zimbra and Zuko. We love exploring new areas of Vermont with them. As a middle schooler, I first wanted to be an art teacher. When I took Pre-Calc in high school, problem solving with peers led me to wanting to become a math teacher. While at UVM I took an intro to Special Education course and decided to dual endorse in math and special education. My first year out of UVM, I co-taught in 7th and 8th grade math classes at a small middle school in Franklin County. I enjoy thinking about math from the perspective of students who think math is not their strong suit and being able to find ways to make math accessible for them.