Lynn Fosher

Subjects Taught/Position
Bachelor of Science - Biology Trinity College Masters of Education Johnson State College
Painting, kayaking, hiking, Australian shepherds, gardening, reading, most anything related to science, medicine, and nature
A little about me.
I have been teaching since the year 2000. Before teaching I had an extensive career in healthcare. I decided to go into teaching for several reasons. - the first was that I found I liked educating people. As a nurse, one role is an educator and I found myself drawn to educating adolescents and young adults about choices and their health. The second reason was that I wanted to share with students my knowledge and experiences in the field of biology and research. Some of my favorite experiences in teaching have come in the way of outreach programs where students are actually in the field collecting and contributing data for real-life studies. Which leads me to my third and probably most important reason for teaching. Through such outreach programs and in the classroom, I want students to be able to realize their potential and that the world has to offer many exciting career and life opportunities. But the most valuable lesson I want them to learn is that they HAVE choices.