Virtual Open House

2020-2021 MHS Virtual Open House


MHS Team Arrowhead

Jon Adams - Science, Soomie Carpenter - English, Amanda DeCarlo - Art, Charity Renning, Ali Bergeron - Social Studies


MHS Team Champlain

Karen Hammond - Science, Lindsey Reynolds - English, Jason Gorczyk - Global Studies, KP Perrantoni - Co Teacher Global Studies


MHS Team Cobble Hill

Joanne Davidman, Amber Fenton, Lynn Fosher, Mat Heald, Jim O’Grady, Ellen H. Taggart, Ellen Waite


MHS Team Eagle Mountain

Pete Wyndorf, Social Studies - Ryan Bushey, Science - Ashley Flatley, English - Kris Schoembs, Consulting Teacher
Jim O’Grady, Physical Education - Joanne Davidman, Health

MHS Mathematics
AP Math

Anthony Dolcimascolo, Sylvie Shanks, Carrie Adii

9th Grade Algebra 1

Anthony Dolcimascolo, Kristy Corrow, Carrie Adii

Grade 10 Math
Sarah Meigs, Sylvie Shanks, Jared Begnoche
Grade 10 Math
Ben Sevey

MHS Arts

Amanda DeCarlo and Dusty Kemp

MHS English, Reading, and Creative Media
English, Reading, and Creative Media
Soomie Carpenter, Ellen Taggart, Lindsey Reynolds, Caity Bryant, Ashley Flatlet, Rosanne Ferguson

MHS Drivers' Education
Derek Demers

MHS Music
Jenna Shultz

MHS Science

K Hammond

AP Physics
R Bushey


Jon Adams

Chemistry of Food

Jon Adams

AP Biology and Chemistry
R Scharf

Human Anatomy and Chemistry of Food

L Fosher

MHS Physical Education
Jim O'Grady and Trevor Wagar

MHS World Languages

Kristin Caterer - Spanish, Bernie Dillon - French, Laura Taylor - Spanish, Stacie Ferris-Letos, German

MHS Social Studies

Anthony Caccavo

Criminal Justice I

Anthony Caccavo

Anthony Caccavo
AP Psychology Introduction
Case Newberry
Applied Psychology Introduction
Case Newberry
U.S. History
Alison Bergeron
AP U.S. History
Alison Bergeron

MHS Nursing/Health/Social Workers

Roberta Day

MHS Personal Finance

Mat heald

MHS Service Learning

Grades 9 & 10

Grade 11 & 12

Service Learning FAQs

Here are a couple of FAQ’s that may help with service learning

  • Where can I find the paperwork for service learning (SL)?

The SL documentation can be found down in the Guidance Suite or on the MHS website (nested under Guidance)

  • You mentioned that clubs can count for service learning.  What does that specifically mean?

If you are interested in completing your service learning through a club you will need to do the following:

  1. Speak to the club advisor to make sure they agree to this arrangement.  
  2. Brainstorm a project you can complete within the club and make sure it is approved by the club advisor.  
  3. Maintain consistent membership to the club - You need to also make sure that you are an active member of the club (ie.  attend all meetings and keep track of your hours, active participation during meetings, working collaboratively with other members of the club/advisor, keeping and maintaining a positive approach to the tasks, completion of tasks in a timely manner, open-mindedness, creative problem solving, seeking input from all members (make sure all members have a voice!), inclusion of all members, being prompt and courteous, etc.)
  4. Create action-steps to complete the project
  5. Complete the project
  6. Complete the SL required tasks - Submit timesheet, create and deliver visual presentation, submit written reflection
  • Can my part-time job count as my service learning?

No. You can however talk to your school counselor to see if this can count towards your work experience which is different from service learning.

  • I did my hours a few years ago and I lost my timesheet.  What should I do?

Call or email the adult supervisor to see if they can verify that you completed the 30 hours.  Share Mrs. King’s email address with them and politely ask that they email her and verify you completed the 30 hours.  If they have moved or are no longer with the same organization, see if the organization can forward  or share the new contact information with you.  If they do not have the new contact information you will need to start over.

MHS Guidance

Jen Haas, Matt Rector, Nicole Martel

The closed captioning has been disabled due to a translation error in the uploaded videos.
If you would like to request a closed caption please email with the video you would like transcribed.